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What products do we supply?

What We Sell

Heating Oil

Also known as Kerosene, Kero or 28 second oil, it is most commonly used in oil fired boiler systems to heat domestic residences.

If in your heating oil system you operate a Range Oven (like an AGA) then we advise using our Premium Kerosene for AGA’s.

Premium Heating Oil for boilers

Premium Kerosene for boilers is standard Kerosene that contains an additive to protect against corrosion and fuel degradation. Not only does it increase the longevity of the fuel but it also improves performance and efficiency while reducing maintenance issues caused by carbon.

Premium Kerosene for AGA’s

Although similar to the above Premium Kerosene for boilers, this is particularly designed for those homes with an AGA. This product improves efficiency and overall burn quality by reducing the build-up of carbon deposits and soot that can play havoc with Range Ovens.

Red Diesel

Also known as Gas Oil, 35 second oil and tractor diesel this fuel is mainly used in agriculture, construction and industrial sectors. It is marked with a red dye so that it can be differentiated from ordinary White “Road” Diesel which carries a higher level of duty. If you’re unsure with what fuel to purchase please contact a member of our team who will advise you on the best product.

*Please note that all products may not be available in all postcode areas.